inconceivable meaning in telugu

Word: inconceivable
 Meaning of inconceivable in english - beyond reason, belief

Meanings in telugu :

apramēyamu ( అప్రమేయము )

Synonyms of inconceivable

unimaginable incredible improbable unbelievable unheard-of strange mind-boggling implausible impossible extraordinary unthinkable fantastic phony rare staggering unconvincing unlikely unsubstantial weak imcomprehensible incogitable insupposable reachy unknowable won't fly

Antonyms of inconceivable

believable credible plausible possible tenable likely usual conceivable fathomable imaginable familiar normal common

Related English Telugu Meaning

incongruityincongruousinconsistencyinconsistentinconstancyincontinenceinconvenienceinconvenientincorporeal oneincorporealincrease of wealth and of other thingsincreaseincreased by an unitincreasedincuredincurpunishmentincurredas expenseincursionindecentindecision
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