knead meaning in telugu

Word: knead
 Meaning of knead in english - mix by pressing

Meanings in telugu :

pisuku ( పిసుకు )

Identical words :

kneading - pisikiLlu ( పిసికిళ్లు )

Synonyms of knead

rub massage form aerate blend work shape ply twist push stroke squeeze mold alter

Antonyms of knead

destroy neglect idle pull

Related English Telugu Meaning

kneadingknee-halteringkneekneeling down with one legknifeknob on the top of the leg ofcotknob onshieldknobknock-kneed manknockknollknot formed ofwomans cloth in frontknot grass that infestsfield of dry grainknot in the string that passes throughbook of palmyra leavesknot of hair left onmans shaven headknot of hairknot withloopknotknotofpeculiar kindwhich keeps uphindu womans garmentknout
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