knock meaning in telugu

Word: knock
 Meaning of knock in english - pushing, striking, strong criticism, push over, strike, criticize harshly

Meanings in telugu :

kottu ( కొట్టు )

Identical words :

knock-kneed man - saangyavu ( సంజ్ఞవు )

Synonyms of knock

blow box lick hit clip swipe slap swat smack cuff rap thump injury beating conk whack hammering condemnation rejection reversal stricture censure blame failure flak setback defeat rebuff pan tap punch hurt fell batter flatten damage bash pound deck bruise clout manhandle total floor wound maltreat mistreat buffet abuse wallop thwack level drub thrash bob roughhouse maul clap beat up KO slam cavil reprobate deprecate reprehend carp skin denounce lambaste belittle disparage alive run down denunciate

Antonyms of knock

compliment praise ratification achievement attainment success win exoneration approval sanction aid assist protect lose help treat well build up laud exonerate approve commend

Related English Telugu Meaning

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