lash meaning in telugu

Word: lash
 Meaning of lash in english - beat, whip, criticize harshly

Meanings in telugu :

zauru ( ౌరు )

Synonyms of lash

knock pummel chastise buffet smack batter lam pound hide drum scourge hammer flay strap dash strike baste flagellate thrash hit whale flog lather wear out horsewhip scold castigate berate blister jaw ridicule attack censure belabor lampoon abuse upbraid lambaste fulminate satirize bawl out chew out tell off exprobate tear into

Antonyms of lash

compliment praise lose protect flatter defend support

Related English Telugu Meaning

lassitudelast crop reaped before the one which is ripeninglast day of the lunar month on which the moon is invisiblelast month of pregnancylast night according as the verb is pastlast onelast yearlastlastinglatchlatelatelylaterlathlathe flathelatterlatterlylatticelaud
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