late meaning in telugu

Word: late
 Meaning of late in english - not on time, new, dead, at the last minute

Meanings in telugu :

maaji ( మాజీ )

Identical words :

As adjective :
later - bhaavi ( భావి )

Synonyms of late

slow backward behind belated blown delayed dilatory gone held up hung up jammed overdue postponed put off remiss strapped tardy behindhand lagging last-minute behind time eleventh-hour in a bind in the lurch missed the boat out of luck stayed too late unpunctual fresh recent advanced modern just out previous past sometime old once asleep bygone cold deceased defunct departed erstwhile extinct former inanimate lifeless onetime preceding quondam ex- exanimate slowly tardily belatedly

Antonyms of late

on time prompt punctual antique old-fashioned early live current future present

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