licking meaning in telugu

Word: licking
 Meaning of licking in english - beating, defeat

Meanings in telugu :

lēhanamu ( లేహనము )

Identical words :

licking with the tongue - avalēhanamu ( అవలేహనము )

Synonyms of licking

whipping lashing drubbing thrashing annihilation bashing flogging repulse conquest setback check trashing blow ruin ambush overthrow trimming breakdown collapse massacre slaughter killing failure discomfiture fall rebuff destruction count loss reverse embarrassment mastery extermination debacle trap rout triumph defeasance vanquishment whitewashing scalping whaling lacing trouncing paddling KO waxing subjugation shellacking downthrow insuccess

Antonyms of licking

forfeit loss surrender achievement boon success building victory win accomplishment yielding good fortune construction creation

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