long for meaning in telugu

Word: long for
Meaning of long for in english - covet, crave, fancy, love, mourn, wish for

Meanings in telugu :

nirikshianchu ( నిరీక్షించు )

Identical words :

long formidable - uttaalamu ( ఉత్తాలము )

Synonyms of long for

envy choose want begrudge lust after aspire to desiderate hanker for have eye on have hots for itch for spoil for thirst for yearn for yen for need require dream cry out for suspire ache for die for give eyeteeth for hunger for pine for sigh for eat one's heart out desire like sanction prefer favor endorse approve relish crazy about fall for care for be attracted to be captivated by be enamored of be in love with dream of mad for take a liking to take to wild for set one's heart on prize treasure admire cherish worship go for glorify canonize deify idolize exalt venerate adulate esteem delight in dote on be attached to be crazy about be enchanted by be fascinated with be fond of gone on have affection for have it bad hold dear hold high put on pedestal think the world of thrive with lose one's heart to moan sob regret wail agonize grieve bemoan lament weep deplore complain fret bewail anguish sorrow repine rue keen hurt blubber suffer miss bleed languish carry on be brokenhearted be sad take it hard wear black wring hands

Antonyms of long for

dislike hate abjure be generous give not want spurn have disapprove refuse reject oppose despise castigate condemn degrade humiliate scorn abstain criticize debase lower mock not care delight praise aid assist be content be happy please relieve help

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