make up meaning in telugu

Word: make up
 Meaning of make up in english - create, comprise, constitute, compensate, reconcile

Meanings in telugu :

banaayianchu ( బనాయించు )

Synonyms of make up

ad-lib blend coin combine compose compound concoct construct contrive cook up devise dream up fabricate fashion fix formulate frame fuse hatch improvise invent join knock off make meld merge mingle mix originate prepare pretend put together ready whip up wing it write fictionalize fabulize fake it play by ear storify trump up complete consist fill furnish include meet provide supply accommodate atone balance bury the hatchet conciliate counterbalance counterpoise mend offset outweigh pacify recompense redeem redress requite settle countervail come to terms forgive and forget make amends make peace set off

Antonyms of make up

tell truth disagree

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