merry meaning in telugu

Word: merry
 Meaning of merry in english - very happy, festive

Meanings in telugu :

sarasamu ( సరసము )

Identical words :

As noun :
merry making - sambaramu ( సంబరము )
merry-making - zaatar ( ాతర )

Synonyms of merry

pleasant winsome enjoyable mad joyous sunny rollicking jolly cheerful lively hilarious amusing comical joyful glad lighthearted blithe boisterous boon carefree convivial entertaining facetious frolicsome funny gay gleeful humorous jocund jumping mirthful perky riotous sportive uproarious vivacious wild zippy blithesome unconstrained fun-loving grooving larking rip-roaring rocking saturnalian zappy

Antonyms of merry

unpleasant upset tragic sorrowful disagreeable unhappy gloomy serious solemn sad depressed grave

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