mind meaning in telugu

Word: mind
Meaning of mind in english - intelligence, memory, inclination, tendency, belief, be bothered, care, comply, obey, attend, tend, be careful, remember

Meanings in telugu :

svaantamu ( స్వాంతము )

Synonyms of mind

thought head perception talent power consciousness brain genius attention mentality soul intellect psyche imagination sense instinct wisdom judgment spirit intuition ingenuity intellectual reasoning capacity creativity ratiocination soundness function regard brainpower understanding faculty lucidity conception observation sanity cognizance percipience thinker marbles wits brains apperception intellectuality thinking note remark observance notice subconscious recollection remembrance concentration thoughts desire point of view eye mood sentiment wish will attitude determination opinion feeling urge outlook tone bent conviction strain vein temperament fancy intention humor purpose disposition leaning impulse pleasure liking persuasion notion way of thinking dislike resent object deplore disapprove complain be affronted be opposed look askance at take offense watch observe behave heed respect follow keep listen adhere to do as told follow orders pay attention pay heed take heed perceive discipline oversee guard superintend ensure supervise govern baby-sit behold discern ride herd on care for be attentive give heed to have charge of keep an eye on listen up make certain mind the store trouble toe the line be cautious be concerned be on guard be solicitous be wary have a care take care watch out mind one's p's and q's watch one's step recall reminisce remind retain bethink cite

Antonyms of mind

ignorance inability incapacity weakness physicality reality incompetence unsoundness amnesia disbelief disinclination stupidity body being neglect corporeality heedlessness thoughtlessness dislike hate hatred sadness unhappiness praise sanction disobey disregard ignore love agree approve be happy forget scorn overlook

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