minute meaning in telugu

Word: minute
 Meaning of minute in english - very small, unimportant, exact, precise, brief time period

Meanings in telugu :

sookshmamu ( సూక్ష్మము )

Identical words :

As noun :
minuteness - asadu ( అసదు )

Synonyms of minute

insignificant tiny infinitesimal microscopic minuscule minimal little wee diminutive miniature fine atomic exiguous invisible molecular piddling puny slender inconsiderable teeny-weeny peewee microbic paltry trivial negligible slight petty trifling minor nonessential immaterial picayune meticulous painstaking exhaustive thorough close full particular careful circumstantial critical detailed elaborate itemized punctilious scrupulous specialized blow-by-blow clocklike particularized moment second breath breathing instant shake flash twinkling jiffy crack split second short time MO bat of an eye nothing flat sixtieth of hour

Antonyms of minute

huge large giant gigantic consequential inexact significant substantial big mighty considerable important imprecise rough valuable enormous immense useful major necessary

Related English Telugu Meaning

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