mortify meaning in telugu

Word: mortify
 Meaning of mortify in english - embarrass

Meanings in telugu :

murugu ( మురుగు )

Synonyms of mortify

annoy disgrace subdue displease chagrin deflate confound vex humiliate control discomfit deny ridicule affront chasten belittle humble harass crush shame abash discipline disappoint worry abase put to shame take down a peg take the wind out

Antonyms of mortify

aid soothe delight build up surrender praise compliment assist honor respect make happy please let go yield satisfy encourage help

Related English Telugu Meaning

mosquemosquitomossinessmosstroopermost excellent of all thingsmost excellentmost preferablemost puremote in the sunbeammotemothmother any oldmother of hanumānmother of the asurasmother of the god krishnamother of the pandusmother thus contracted in compositionmother-in-lawmothermothers brother
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