mouth meaning in telugu

Word: mouth
 Meaning of mouth in english - opening, backtalk

Meanings in telugu :

vaayi ( వాయి )

Identical words :

mouthful - teral ( తెరల )

Synonyms of mouth

box entrance door cavity rim gate orifice funnel clam inlet estuary kisser yap gob crevice harbor mush portal trap beak aperture jaws chops delta lips gills firth embouchement fly trap cheek boasting sass freshness gas impudence guff braggadocio rudeness sauce insolence empty talk hot air bragging

Related English Telugu Meaning

mouthfulmovable earthen cheeks offire placemove asidemove frommove lewdlymove sidewaysmove the cheeks in munchingmovemoveablemovementmoving crookedlymovingmowingmuch as much as one pleasesmuch bentmuch bowed downmuch celebratedmuch dampnessmuch fallenmuch greatly
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