Unhappy meaning in hindi | Unhappy ka matlab 

Unhappy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Unhappy 
Usage of Unhappy: 1: They were unhappy over her departure. 2: Ours was an unhappy marriage. 3: the unhappy memories of her childhood receded as she grew older 4: He purged all his unhappy memories. 5: The unhappy teachers forbore from going on strike. 6: I sympathize with you, I had a similar unhappy experience myself. 7: I tried to blot out those unhappy days . 8: We moved out because we were unhappy . 9: Oona survived Chaplin by fourteen years but her final years were unhappy 10: One can also be "cheesed off" – unhappy or annoyed.
Unhappy ki paribhasha : jisake chitt men khed utpann hua ho byaayi hui gaay ka saat din ke baad doodh jisaka chitt kisi padaarth se hat gaya ho

Usage of Unhappy in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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