Urgent meaning in hindi | Urgent ka matlab 

Urgent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Urgent 
Usage of Urgent: 1: There is an urgent request for reinforcements from the front. 2: His urgent letter finally brought me around to give money to the school 3: Pavement in my street needs urgent attention by local authority. 4: USSR Government officials are requested to meet in Kremlin immediately.
Their is an urgent meeting in Kremlin concerning Soviet Politics.
5: There is an urgent need to probate this will. 6: Thus we see an urgent need for powerful proclamation and solid 7: On the urgent petition of their chief Moshesh 8: The use of ordinances are often reserved for urgent matters 9: So urgent was the need to supply the armed forces in the United Kingdom 10: There is an urgent need to conserve this valuable resource .

Usage of Urgent in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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