Vacation meaning in hindi | Vacation ka matlab 

Vacation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vacation 
Usage of Vacation: 1: the desiderata for a vacation are time and money 2: I told him truthfully that I had just returned from my vacation 3: The workers went on vacation earlier in this season. 4: I'd like to take a week's vacation next month . 5: Have a good time on your vacation . 6: I'll be away on vacation for three weeks . 7: On a vacation to Miami around 1910 8: Martinique has been a vacation hotspot for many years 9: His favorite vacation spots are the Maldives, Dubai, and the Swiss mountains. 10: 2003. The couple live in the Las Vegas area and own several vacation homes.
Vacation ki paribhasha : vah pad ya sthaan jisapar abhi kisi ki niyukti na hui ho

Usage of Vacation in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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