Wall meaning in hindi | Wall ka matlab 

Wall meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wall 
Usage of Wall: 1: decorate this wall with garlands. 2: The center-piece on the wall was an authentic Rembrandt painting. 3: this wall is disproportionately long 4: The outside wall of structures are supported by constructing a flying buttress. 5: This wall paper has a flowered pattern. 6: Paper is the need of students life.
The bedroom decorated with beautiful wall papers is always of my choice.
7: cell wall is outer covering of plant cell. 8: We stuccoed the wall twice. 9: He hit the wall very hard and got a bump on his forehead. 10: He hit the wall very hard and got a bump on his forehead.
Wall ki paribhasha : shatru se, snkat ya kasht se bachaav ya raksha paane ki kriya ya bhaav dukaan aadi bnd hone, kaam kaaj sthagit hone ya kisi kaary ke ruk jaane ki sthiti patthar int mitti aadi ko niche oopar rakhakar uthaaya hua parada jisase kisi sthaan ko gher kar makaan aadi banaate hain vah divaar jo kisi sthaan ki raksha ke liye usake chaaro or banaayi jaay vah padaarth jisapar chitr banaaya jaay nagar ya kile aadi ke chaaron or usaki raksha ke uddeshy se banaayi hui divaar

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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