Wrapped meaning in hindi | Wrapped ka matlab 

Wrapped meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wrapped 
As noun : डूबा
Usage of Wrapped: 1: gaily wrapped gifts 2: The gifts were wrapped and kept on the table. 3: She is just too wrapped up . 4: Principal photography wrapped on March 171954. At Luft's suggestion 5: Traditionally, the strings were wrapped around the goose feet 『』 6: Architecture and Painting Ornate carved or painted, composed of branches laden with leaves wrapped 7: He found wrapped in this bankrupt in this collapse in the disaster 8: Her hair was wrapped in a silk net 9: If PACKING mean figuratively, speaking of people, carefully wrapped in 10: If wrapped in a domino
Wrapped ki paribhasha : nadi ya parakote aadi se chaaron or se ghira hua apane roop ka tyaag karake mila hua

Usage of Wrapped in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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