Yes meaning in hindi | Yes ka matlab 

Yes meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Yes 
Usage of Yes: 1: I was hoping for a yes 2: she said yes unhesitatingly 3: I hope you will say yes to my proposal . 4: Naturally if I work in that building, yes sir". 5: �Work! That's what you can do! You must work!� �Work � yes . 6: Answer categorically yes or no by 7: Bickering for a yes or a no 8: But, lady, yes 9: He does not answer yes or no 10: He said that yes reluctantly
Yes ki paribhasha : ek snmaanasoochak shabd jo kisi naam ya all ke aage lagaaya jaata hai athava kisi bade ke kathana, prashn ya snbodhan ke uttar roop men jo snkshipt pratisnbodhan hota hai usamen prayukt hota hai vah shabd jisake dvaara yah prakat kiya jaata hai ki ham yah baat karane ko tauyaar hain

Usage of Yes in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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