Meaning of barik in english - Bareek meaning 

Meaning of bareek,barik in english

Interpreting bareek,barik - बारीक़
As noun : paper thin nice
As verb : narrow
As adjective : delicate fine nice
Suggested : pleasing agreeable delightful
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Usage of बारीक़: 1. delicate Table, frugal 2. Canvas airline, fine fabric which are stretched the wings of some aircraft 3. He said, by extension, a thin strong glass bottle, which one draws sounds by blowing on 4. It also told of these long games Small and slender whose assembly forms the body of plants, principally trees 5. Reasoning in a subtle way and pedantic 6. Extrême subtlety special delicacy 7. A nice marbling 8. Only a narrow strip around the equator experiences a rapid day-night cycle 9. A nice marbling
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bareek,barik can be used as noun.. No of characters: 6 including consonants matras. Transliteration : baariika 
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