Meaning of bahutayat in english - Bahutayat meaning 

Meaning of bahutayat in english

Interpreting bahutayat - बहुतायत
As noun : glut plenty flush load
As adjective : redundance
Suggested : anything put in or on something for conveyance or transportation freight cargo a blush rosy glow a full or abundant supply or amount the state of being redundant to feed or fill to satiety sate
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Usage of बहुतायत:
1. इसमें भी सेवा क्षेत्र में उनकी बहुतायत रही, जो एक तरह से परिवार के दायित्वों का ही विस्तार था bhaskar.com2. मुख्य वक्ता जेके लक्ष्मीपत विश्वविद्यालय, जयपुर के प्रो. एमएल गुप्ता ने बताया कि कॉन्टेक्ट लेंस, केमिकल, बायोलॉजी और ऊर्जा क्षेत्र में नैनो टेक्नोलॉजी बहुतायत में उपयोग में ली जा रही है bhaskar.com3. पर्यटकों की बहुतायत से लद्दाख में भी बढ़ गया प्रदूषण LiveHindustan
1. It says by exaggeration, the Blood that leaves plenty to injury or mouth 2. Device for isolating the body we want electricity load 3. It includes an abundance of starches
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bahutayat can be used as noun or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 7 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Feminine gender composed of suffix at the end of the word originated from Hindi language . Transliteration : bahutaayata 
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