Meaning of bhojan karna in english - Bhojan Karna meaning 

Meaning of bhojan karna in english

Interpreting bhojan karna - भोजन करना
As noun : board pick
As verb : dine feast
Suggested : to take into the mouth and swallow for nourishment chew and swallow (food) any rich or abundant meal to choose or select from among a group a piece of wood sawed thin, and of considerable length and breadth compared with the thickness to eat the principal meal of the day have dinner
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Usage of भोजन करना:
1. परिवारों की एकता के लिए परिवार को एक साथ भोजन करना चाहिए bhaskar.com2. कहीं भी और क‌िसी के साथ भोजन करना आपको धन के साथ धर्म का भी नुकसान पहुंचा सकता है, इसल‌िए इन बातों को याद रखेंamarujala.com3. उन्होंने बताया कि हमें किस तरह का भोजन करना चाहिए और हम किस तरह स्वस्थ रह सकते हैं
1. We will dine us 2. In this way, the playable characters' development resembles a board game. 3. Rogation, the plural, means, in terms of liturgy, prayer accompanied by public processions, the church did to get good crops during the three days before the feast Ascension 4. Marine set of masters and foremen to board a ship or an arsenal 5. Action to eat without paying 6. Action to eat without paying 7. Military Whoever goes to feed 8. Military Whoever goes to feed
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bhojan karna can be used as noun or verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 9 including consonants matras. Transliteration : bhojana karanaa 
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