Meaning of phalak in english - Phalak meaning 

Meaning of phalak in english

Interpreting phalak - फ़लक
Suggested : a thin, flat plate or tablet of metal, porcelain, etc, intended for ornament, as on a wall, or set in a piece of furniture
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Usage of फ़लक: 1. Its plaque compares him to Nestor, Socrates, and Virgil. 2. pane 3. In the face of these issues 4. Tennessee, Williams was the top seeded player 5. This second theme is in E flat major 6. One of the attackers bit Karen earlier and she has fallen ill. 7. He'd expect a board along with it, as interest. 8. Cover Sheet, White sheet added by the binder or stitcher leading the volume 9. There are 13 museums on the south side between Eiserner Steg and Friedensbrücke 10. A copper plate
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phalak . No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. Transliteration : phalaka 
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