Meaning of uttejit in english - Uttejit meaning 

Meaning of uttejit in english

Interpreting uttejit - उत्तेजित
Suggested : desperate or wild with excitement, passion, fear , pain, etc frenzied to stir to action or strong response excite to move or force into violent, irregular action to stir to action or strong response excite stirred emotionally agitated
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Usage of उत्तेजित:
1. 27 फरवरी 2002 में गोधरा कांड के बाद उत्तेजित लोगों ने गुलबर्ग सोसायटी में तबाही मचाई थी, जिसमें कांग्रेस के पूर्व सांसद अहसान जाफरी सहित 69 लोगों की जान चली गयी थीibnlive.com2. जागरण संवाददाता, ब्रजराजनगर : एमसीएल के लखनपुर क्षेत्र अंतर्गत बेलपहाड़ खुली खदान की पांच नंबर खदान में बारूद लदी एक वैन में हुए विस्फोट के बाद घटनास्थल पर आए एमसीएल अधिकारियों की उत्तेजित ग्रामीणों द्वारा पिटाई करने के आरोप में बनहरपाली पुलिस ने छरला गांव के वार्ड मेंबर समेत छह लोगों को गिरफ्तार कर सोमवार को झारसुगुड़ा कोर्ट चालान कर दिया
1. She was excited about the trip to Moscow . 2. His appointment as vice-chancellor aroused a lot of controversy. 3. He also said, in terms of chemistry, a gas which, escaping through a liquid, the agitated 4. Giving good of the task to someone, cut him to the work, Give punishment, exercise, arouse him embarrassment 5. " or frantic question 6. Resistance on Juno was fierce 7. Cash worked up the courage to visit the Sun Records studio 8. Exhalation inflamed which sometimes appears on the floor and also on the surface of the sea 9. The police flushed out the bandits from their place of hiding. 10. The dying yeast cells are then heated to complete their breakdown
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uttejit can be used as noun, verb or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 8 including vowels consonants matras. The word is used as Adjective in hindi originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : uttejita 
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