Meaning of vishay in english - Vishay meaning 

Meaning of vishay in english

Interpreting vishay - विषय्
Suggested : a direction or route taken or to be taken
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Usage of विषय्: 1. Darwin had not yet publicly addressed the subject 2. Expressly for a special item 3. Supercritical water has recently been a topic of research. 4. Poe also reinvented science fiction 5. The question of who exactly created Felix remains a matter of dispute. 6. At issue is whether the "Robots" are being exploited and 7. Insulation may cause the milk to sour. 8. The case of Attorney General v. 9. He is now taking his first lesson in philosophy 10. The problem with this argument
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vishay . No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. Transliteration : viShay 
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