Meaning of vilasita in english - Vilasita meaning 

Meaning of vilasita in english

Interpreting vilasita - विलासिता
Suggested : a material object , service, etc, conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity full of, characterized by, or ministering to indulgence in luxury, pleasure, and sensuous enjoyment the act of enjoying excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures intemperance the act or practice of indulging gratification of desire
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Usage of विलासिता:
1. इसके चलते ज्योतिर्विद नववर्ष को वैभव, विलासिता और भौतिक सुख-साधन देने वाला बता रहे हैं jagran.com2. विलासिता का कारक ग्रह शुक्र ग्रह कल यानि 5 दिसंबर को वृश्चिक राशि से धनु राशि में प्रवेश करने जा रहा हैibnlive.com3. गुजरात पुलिस का कोर्ट में दावा: तीस्ता सीतलवाड ने शराब और विलासिता के लिये धन का गबन किया LiveHindustan
1. It is figuratively called Whoever humbles himself before too powerful people, which descends to shameful indulgence for favors, jobs 2. It is said of a person who, out of interest, requires or agrees a woman or girl to engage in public debauchery 3. In terms of jurisprudence, Commitment building, act by which one gives someone the enjoyment of 'land for a time 4. Deploy a luxury
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vilasita can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 8 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Feminine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : vilaasitaa 
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