akirkuttu meaning in english

Word: அகிற்கூட்டு - The tamil word have 11 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
aki?kuttu means
1. any of these trees, especially S. album

Transliteration : akiRkūṭṭu Other spellings : akirkuttu

Meanings in english :

compound of five ingredients
unguent pure camphor spices Ex: The genre is named after the masala, a mixture of spices (அகிற்கூட்டு) in Indian cuisine. sandal wood honey used for perfuming the hair

Meaning of akirkuttu in tamil

elam / ஏலம்
karup puram / கருப் பூரம்erikachu / எரிகாசுchantanam / சந்தனம்and ten / and தேன்
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