chikken meaning in english

Word: சிக்கென - The tamil word have 7 characters and have more than one meaning in english.
chikken means
1. securely fixed in place.
2. drawn or stretched so as to be tense; taut.

Transliteration : cikkeṉ Other spellings : chikken

Meanings in english :

As adverb :
tenaciously tightly compactly

Meaning of chikken in tamil

uṟutiyaka / உறுதியாக
uramaka / உரமாக

Identical words :

chikkenakkatta ( சிக்கெனக்கட்ட ) - to bend or tie firmlychikkenappitikka ( சிக்கெனப்பிடிக்க ) - to take fast hold of
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