cluster meaning in marathi

Word: cluster
Meaning of cluster in english - group of something, assemble, group

Meanings in marathi :

maandoda ( मांदोडा )
Synonyms of cluster
chunk batch collection band bundle knot array clump assemblage bunch body bevy gathering set covey clutch crew blob lot party pack flock round up parcel package associate accumulate aggregate bunch up crowd around
Antonyms of cluster
individual one disperse scatter dissemble separate spread divide
Identical words :
cluster of bushy shrubs in which there lives a beast of prey - jaali ( जाळी )
cluster of bushy plants - jumbad ( जुंबड )
cluster of trees - jhaadali ( झाडळी )
cluster of shrubs - thomb ( थोंब )
cluster of bamboo plants or other shrubbery - bet ( बेट )
cluster of clouds - meghauden ( मेघौडें )
cluster of bamboo trees - vansajaalijaali ( वंसजाली--जाळी )
cluster of creepers - velari ( वेलरी )
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