complaint meaning in marathi

Word: complaint
Meaning of complaint in english - statement of disagreement, discontent, illness, affliction

Meanings in marathi :

pharaadi ( फरादि )
Synonyms of complaint
criticism grievance objection gripe protest accusation charge trouble stink grouse expostulation dissatisfaction rap moan beef wail clamor kick cavil squawk annoyance jeremiad grumble guff reproach lament whine protestation remonstration remonstrance representation fault-finding CC plaint malady ailment sickness affection upset disease indisposition infirmity disorder condition
Antonyms of complaint
compliment praise flattery exculpation happiness silence applause commendation recommendation health approval acceptance pleasure contentedness sanction
Identical words :
complaint a plea - gaarhaanen ( गाऱ्हाणें )
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