consciousness meaning in marathi

Word: consciousness
Meaning of consciousness in english - knowledge

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
gyaan ( ज्ञान )
sãvitti ( संवित्ति )
Synonyms of consciousness
apprehension sensibility alertness awareness recognition mindfulness regard carefulness cognizance heedfulness realization
Antonyms of consciousness
ignorance disregard carelessness inattention negligence thoughtlessness senselessness unconsciousness neglect
Identical words :
consciousness of the body - anangapan ( अनंगपण )
consciousness of having knowledge - jaanavalepan ( जाणवलेपण )
consciousness of so ham or identity with brahman - sohanma ( सोहंमा )
consciousness of the self - svasanvitsanvitti ( स्वसंवित्-संवित्ति )
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