contact meaning in marathi

Word: contact
Meaning of contact in english - form of communication, touching, communicate with

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sparisasparish ( स्परिस-स्परीश )
sparsh ( स्पर्श )
Synonyms of contact
influence unity connection meeting association commerce acquaintance junction network intercourse union communion channel companionship relation juxtaposition propinquity hit contingence impingement proximity nearness closeness approximation collision strike contiguity taction reach visit telephone call approach talk get relate interact buzz touch base interface be in touch with check with get ahold of get in touch with reach out speak to
Antonyms of contact
separation strangeness antagonism avoidance division distance remoteness difference listen refrain depart
Identical words :
contact with fire - agnimel ( अग्निमेळ )
contact with a divine incarnation - vastusambandh ( वस्तुसंबंध )
contact with god arising from service performed to him - sevaasambandhasammandh ( सेवासंबंध--संमंध )
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