control meaning in marathi

Word: control
Meaning of control in english - command, mastery, have charge of, curb, hold back

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sãvaran ( संवरण )
Synonyms of control
discipline restriction management force government restraint jurisdiction domination rule regulation supervision oversight authority regimentation weight ascendancy clout supremacy juice check guidance might direction subordination bridle manipulation limitation sway dominion qualification determination superintendence inside track upper hand subjection ropes predomination strings containment wire pulling driver's seat dominate handle lead oversee supervise administer run regulate conduct manipulate head bully overlook predominate boss domineer instruct call subjugate administrate advise guide steer pilot deal with quarterback be in saddle call the signals head up hold purse strings hold sway over hold the reins push buttons reign over run the show run things adjust compose cow subdue smother repress awe collect quell corner constrain monopolize cool rein in
Antonyms of control
chaos disorganization lawlessness advantage weakness inability relinquishment neglect freedom mismanagement helplessness powerlessness renouncement surrender comply consent obey mislead forsake resign risk follow submit yield serve misguide abandon give up let go chance jump in rush disorganize disperse scatter arouse release share agitate start allow
Identical words :
As noun :
controller - saasan ( सासन )
As adjective :
controlled - nemast ( नेमस्त )
control over sensual pleasure - vikhaevevasta ( विखएवेवस्ता )
controlling the mind - sham ( शम )
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