continuous meaning in marathi

Word: continuous
Meaning of continuous in english - constant, unending

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
aphut ( अफुट )
akhand ( अखंड )
Synonyms of continuous
extended unceasing steady repeated regular stable uninterrupted unbroken endless connected consecutive everlasting interminable perpetual prolonged timeless undivided unfaltering looped continued day and night for ever and ever no end of no end to
Antonyms of continuous
unstable unsteady wobbly discontinuous intermittent completed halting interrupted sporadic unfixed broken imbalanced ceasing ending finished
Identical words :
As adjective :
continuously - saaraasarin ( सारासारीं )
continuous pouring of water over something or someone - akhandadhaari ( अखंडधारी )
continuous rainfall - anughaadi ( अनुघाडी )
continuous rain and wind - jhadavaara ( झडवारा )
continuous rain for seven days - saatavaakadi ( सातवाकडी )
continuous flow of income - srotr ( स्त्रोत्र )
continuously flowing or running - svotra ( स्वोत्रा )
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