continuously meaning in marathi

Word: continuously
Meaning of continuously in english - gradually, on and on, running, together, until, again and again, consecutively, continually, ad infinitum, by degrees, perpetually

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
saaraasarin ( सारासारीं )
Synonyms of continuously
regularly increasingly constantly moderately gently deliberately steadily bit by bit imperceptibly piecemeal progressively by installments in small doses inch by inch little by little piece by piece sequentially serially step by step successively unhurriedly ad nauseam forever never-ending relentless repeatedly time after time unremitting relentlessly time and time again unceasingly uninterruptedly unremittingly without a break without stopping night and day unintermittedly in succession on end one after the other without interruption before till as far as before the coming down to in advance of in expectation prior to up till up to frequently once again over and over interminably at length endlessly having no end in perpetuity unlimitedly without end without limit a little at a time drop by drop always permanently
Antonyms of continuously
abruptly intermittently suddenly fastly occasionally broken apart individually separately
Identical words :
continuously flowing or running - svotra ( स्वोत्रा )
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