constant meaning in marathi

Word: constant
Meaning of constant in english - fixed, neverending, loyal, determined

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sadaacha ( सदाचा )
Synonyms of constant
consistent perpetual steady uninterrupted regular unbroken stable continual nonstop even firm invariable uniform permanent connected equable habitual homogeneous immutable monotonous standardized steadfast together unalterable unchanging unflappable unvarying stabile monochrome like the Rock of Gibralter monophonic of a piece regularized solid as rock unfluctuating unrelenting chronic continuous eternal persistent incessant unending ceaseless unremitting sustained relentless endless everlasting abiding enduring interminable persisting faithful trusty dependable devoted dogged persevering resolute staunch tried-and-true trustworthy unfailing unflagging unshaken unwavering allegiant
Antonyms of constant
inconsistent inconstant temporary unstable unsteady wobbly discontinuous intermittent interrupted infrequent changeable changing fickle varying concluding disloyal flagging undecided undetermined untrue untrustworthy irregular unfixed broken imbalanced different fluctuating wavering ending stopping terminable terminating merciful ephemeral transient occasional completed halting relenting sympathetic brief ceasing finished dishonest
Identical words :
constant thought about something - adhyaas ( अध्यास )
constant pondering - nijadhyaasan ( निजध्यासन )
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