excessive meaning in marathi

Word: excessive
Meaning of excessive in english - too much, overdone

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
tor ( तोर )
thor ( थोर )
Synonyms of excessive
extra enormous needless exaggerated superfluous inordinate unreasonable redundant undue exorbitant extravagant unconscionable steep disproportionate extreme boundless dissipated immoderate indulgent intemperate limitless more prodigal profligate self-indulgent stiff supernatural towering way out dizzying overmuch sky-high stratospheric superabundant unbounded overboard overkill plethoric recrementitious too many
Antonyms of excessive
needed sensible inexpensive insufficient underdone essential necessary moderate reasonable cheap economical low close
Identical words :
excessive behaviour - adhikavritti ( अधिकवृत्ति )
excessive number of blossoms - atibhaar ( अतिभार )
excessive speed - vegaatiso ( वेगातिसो )
excessive length of a book - sthalaatichaar ( स्थळातिचार )
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