heap meaning in marathi

Word: heap
Meaning of heap in english - pile, accumulation, amass, collect in pile

Meanings in marathi :

singaada ( सिंगाडा )
Synonyms of heap
bundle lump jumble clump stack load profusion gathering stockpile pot scad cluster fullness concentration total mint bunch mountain congeries lots sum trillion much hill hoard store agglomeration cargo thousand million aggregation collection volume haul plenty harvest bank abundance bulk oodles batch ocean deposit mound whole assemblage quantity amassment ton gobs a lot great deal concentrate dump group augment arrange increase accumulate add pack swell fill
Antonyms of heap
individual valley little ditch debt lack one need want part bit squander use disperse scatter mix up decrease deplete subtract lessen waste spread spend distribute divide separate diminish
Identical words :
heap of grain and grass - aalakhati ( आलखती )
heap of particles - udava ( उडवा )
heap of chickpea plants - kadap ( कडप )
heap of garbage where donkeys wallow - gaadhavalol ( गाढवलोल )
heap of stones - silaadi ( सीळाडी )
heap of bodies - dehiyaali ( देहीयाळी )
heap of cowdung cakes - popat ( पोपट )
heap of uprooted chickpea plants - vaankal ( वांकल )
heap of sand - vaalasaara ( वाळसारा )
heap of chopped-off heads - shishaal ( शीशाळ )
heap of merit - sreraasi ( स्त्रेरासि )
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