heavy meaning in marathi

Word: heavy
Meaning of heavy in english - having great weight, difficult, severe, depressed, gloomy, listless, slow

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
jad ( जड )
As adjective :
jaad ( जाड )
Synonyms of heavy
bulky huge excessive awkward unwieldy big fat large burdensome substantial massive hefty cumbersome abundant considerable weighty gross lumbering overweight stout ample beefy built chunky copious corpulent elephantine enceinte expectant fleshy laden loaded obese oppressed ponderous porcine portly pregnant top-heavy unmanageable cumbrous gravid parturient lead-footed two-ton weighted zaftig tedious onerous tough harsh hard arduous violent complicated serious rough wild complex grave abstruse boisterous confused esoteric formidable grievous intolerable knotty labored laborious oppressive profound recondite solemn stormy strenuous tempestuous toilsome troublesome turbulent vexatious wearisome effortful acroamatic dark wet lowering melancholy downcast damp overcast stifling close cloudy crestfallen dejected despondent disconsolate dismal dull leaden sad sodden soggy sorrowful grieving sluggish apathetic comatose indifferent lethargic torpid hebetudinous
Antonyms of heavy
miniature tiny graceful unimportant impoverished insignificant skinny underweight lightweight inconsequential trivial joyful small thin little handy convenient easy slight poor unsubstantial airy gay happy moving smoooth kind facile peaceful courteous polite gentle nice mild smooth soft simple calm moderate cheerful
Identical words :
heavy rainfall - varish ( वरिष )
heavy breathing - usas ( उसस )
heavy round stone - kaandagunda ( कांडगुंडा )
heavy and continuous rain - jhad ( झड )
heavy rain - varshaao ( वर्षाओ )
heavy chain - bhaarasaankhal ( भारसांखळ )
heavy shower of rain - musaladhaara ( मुसळधारा )
heavy spear - shuulagada ( शूळगडा )
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