impossible meaning in marathi

Word: impossible
Meaning of impossible in english - beyond the bounds of possibility, intolerable, ungovernable

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
asaksh ( असक्ष )
Synonyms of impossible
unimaginable impractical inaccessible unworkable unreasonable preposterous impassable insurmountable hopeless futile useless unattainable inconceivable unthinkable absurd visionary impervious impracticable irreparable out of the question too much unfeasible way out cureless contrary to reason hardly possible hundred-to-one inexecutable infeasible irrealizable no-go no-way no-win not a prayer unachievable uncorrectable unobtainable unrecoverable ludicrous outrageous unacceptable offensive undesirable egregious improper incongruous objectionable unsuitable
Antonyms of impossible
believable imaginable sensible logical conceivable achievable obtainable possible tenable governable manageable tolerable practical reasonable hopeful behaving good acceptable
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