like meaning in marathi

Word: like
Meaning of like in english - similar, enjoy, be fond of, choose, feel inclined

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
hasaas ( हसास )
Synonyms of like
comparable alike related agnate cognate twin close matching same uniform conforming resembling corresponding equivalent consonant parallel double equal near allied akin analogous commensurate compatible consistent homologous identical such selfsame approximating jibing congeneric relating allying equaling according to approximative coextensive congenerous in the manner of much the same not far from not unlike on the order of undifferentiated admire appreciate love go for exclaim prize savor dig fancy adore esteem cherish approve relish delight in dote on get a kick out of be gratified by be keen on be partial to be pleased by be sweet on care for care to derive pleasure from feast on find appealing hanker for hold dear indulge in luxuriate in rejoice in revel in stuck on take an interest in take delight in take satisfaction in take to prefer want desire elect wish will select feel like feel disposed have a preference for
Antonyms of like
dissimilar unlike far unfriendly inconsistent changing variable divergent different unalike away unequal mismatched dislike hate scorn despise refuse ignore
Identical words :
like dormant fire covered with ash - akhori ( अखोरी )
like oneself - aapusarisa ( आपुसरिसा )
likes and dislikes - aavadigodi ( आवडीगोडी )
like peeled gold - kanakasoliv ( कनकसोलीव )
like camphor which burns without leaving any soot behind - karpurakarjalivat ( कर्पूरकर्जळीवत )
like the trunk of a plantain tree - keligarbh ( केळिगर्भ )
like a jewel - thikas ( ठिकस )
like a stick - dandavat ( दंडवत )
like a goblin - pisaachavat ( पिसाचवत )
like a son - putruvai ( पुत्रुवै )
like the absolute brahman - brahmani ( ब्रह्मणी )
like faeces - malavat ( मळवत )
like a dead body - mrityavant ( मृत्यवंत )
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