lineal meaning in marathi

Word: lineal
Meaning of lineal in english - ancestral, direct, hereditary, racial, straight, patrimonial

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
baapik ( बापिक )
Synonyms of lineal
familial affiliated congenital inborn inbred inherited innate maternal old past paternal consanguine consanguineous tribal born with genealogical in the family running in the family totemic personal immediate prompt contiguous firsthand next primary proximate resultant succeeding head-on genetic traditional transmitted bequeathed handed down heritable inheritable transmissible willed national folk ethnological phyletic phylogenetic short straightforward solid smooth successive consecutive nonstop even right vertical level invariable plumb perpendicular square beeline upright horizontal continuous erect inflexible near precipitous sheer through unbroken uninterrupted unswerving unrelieved true collinear in a line in a row in line like an arrow rectilineal rectilinear unbent uncurled undeviating
Antonyms of lineal
dishonest indirect wily changing deviating intermittent interrupted varying devious acquired deceitful untrustworthy uneven unfair horizontal level curved unjust disordered disorganized diluted mixed unconventional broken prone twisted corrupt disorderly different untraditional
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