dignity meaning in tamil

Word: dignity - The english word have 7 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of nounin english.
Meaning of dignity in english - excellence, nobility

Meanings in tamil :

manitam ( மானிதம் )
kanam ( கனம் )

Identical words :

dignity of office - atikkam ( ஆதிக்கம் )

Synonyms of dignity

status self-respect respectability decorum greatness poise grace virtue decency stature prestige quality honor grandeur morality etiquette majesty merit culture renown eminence standing character gravity state station significance seemliness worth elevation importance regard cachet rank address ethics loftiness glory solemnity hauteur propriety splendor consequence distinction perfection stateliness sublimity worthiness nobleness

Antonyms of dignity

indecency insignificance dishonor evil bad manners worthlessness lowliness unimportance
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