consolidated meaning in tamil

Word: consolidated - The english word have 12 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of consolidated in english - combine, make firm

Meanings in tamil :

kattucharakku ( கட்டுசரக்கு )

Identical words :

consolidated mer cury - irachakkattu ( இரசக்கட்டு )
consolidated vermilion - ilinkakkattu ( இலிங்கக்கட்டு )
consolidated drugs - kattuchcharakku ( கட்டுச்சரக்கு )
consolidated orpiment - talakkattu ( தாளக்கட்டு )
consolidated sal ammoniac - navachcharakkattu ( நவச்சாரக்கட்டு )

Synonyms of consolidated

centralize develop secure stabilize strengthen cement reinforce concentrate fortify solidify build up unify amass thicken set incorporate federate hitch amalgamate connect compact condense mix meld concatenate conjoin band fuse compound pool league bind harden blend add to bunch up densen hitch on hook up with plug into render solid slap on tack on tag on team up with throw in together tie in

Antonyms of consolidated

disperse scatter decrease lessen injure weaken dissuade liquefy thin soften disjoin disconnect enlarge loosen hurt discourage divide melt remove separate unfasten part
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