elevating meaning in tamil

Word: elevating - The english word have 9 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of elevating in english - lift up, promote, augment, raise spirits

Meanings in tamil :

unnayam ( உன்னயம் )

Synonyms of elevating

uplift heighten pyramid uphold tilt ramp poise erect pump hoist upraise levitate rear put up take up fetch up hike up jack up shoot up stilt appoint upgrade boost prefer intensify build up enhance advance glorify ennoble magnify skip swell dignify increase exalt further honor aggrandize excite inspire refine elate sublimate brighten hearten cheer exhilarate animate rouse bring up perk up

Antonyms of elevating

decrease lessen condemn demote denounce deprecate disdain spurn disgrace distress shame drop fall depress lower push down trouble upset reject weaken castigate degrade humiliate belittle halt stop criticize debase diminish bring down dishearten discourage
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