individual meaning in tamil

Word: individual - The english word have 10 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjective, nounin english.
Meaning of individual in english - distinctive, exclusive, singular person, thing

Meanings in tamil :

npr ( நபர் )

Identical words :

As noun :
individuality - chuyam ( சுயம் )
individual consciousness - attumananam ( ஆத்துமஞானம் )
individual monopolizing all the profits - tanippor ( தனிப்போர் )

Synonyms of individual

respective personal sole lone specific single separate particular original special solitary express characteristic alone definite diagnostic different discrete especial idiosyncratic indivisible odd only own peculiar proper reserved secluded select several uncommon unique unusual diacritic personalized unitary woman human being entity child party body substance somebody dude self material soul personage matter number mortal existence stuff type creature something

Antonyms of individual

indefinite usual combined mixed together united unimportant normal ordinary general common abstract nothing nothingness group inanimate
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