agility meaning in telugu

Word: agility
 Meaning of agility in english - physical or mental nimbleness, deftness

Meanings in telugu :

liv ( లివ )

Synonyms of agility

quickness cleverness sharpness swiftness dexterity celerity sprightliness adroitness expedition fleetness dispatch liveliness alacrity suppleness friskiness acuteness promptness activity alertness litheness promptitude briskness quickwittedness

Antonyms of agility

clumsiness stiffness slowness sluggishness

Related English Telugu Meaning

agitate with any passionagitateagitatedagitatedlyagitationagonyagreeagreeable excitementagreeable toagreeableagreeablenessagreed onagreed toagreedagreeing with dietagreement in writingagreementagriculturalagricultureah aha implying surprise
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