beam meaning in telugu

Word: beam
 Meaning of beam in english - length of material used as support, ray of light, broadcast on air waves, smile broadly, shine, as a light, make electronic transfer

Meanings in telugu :

kammi ( కమ్మి )

Identical words :

beam of timber - doolamu ( దూలము )

Synonyms of beam

girder scaffolding joist shaft pillar pole plank timber strip bail bolster stanchion prop trestle pile boom stud spar brace rafter balk reach stay axle post strut column jamb transverse piling sill crosspiece lintel crossbar lath stringer cantilever two-by-four scantling radiation glow streak shoot glare stream twinkle gleam flicker emission shimmer sparkle beacon finger glimmer glint glitter chink laser dartle transmit radiate emit shed send give off throw off give out smirk laugh grin burn yield send out transfer file

Antonyms of beam

dullness scowl frown

Related English Telugu Meaning

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