bearing meaning in telugu

Word: bearing
 Meaning of bearing in english - person's conduct, posture, significance

Meanings in telugu :

kaanupu ( కానుపు )

Identical words :

bearing corpses - kamparamu ( కంపరము )
bearingas young - prasavamu ( ప్రసవము )
bearing burdens on the shoulder - vihangik ( విహంగిక )

Synonyms of bearing

demeanor manner pose look presence aspect mien display carriage poise comportment deportment set stand behavior address front air attitude relevance pertinence weight reference meaning application connection relation

Related English Telugu Meaning

bearingas youngbearyoungbeast of burdenbeastbeastlinessbeat ricebeatbeatenbeating asdrumbeating of drumsbeating of the heartbeating time in music and dancingbeatingbeatitudebeaubeautiful locksbeautiful womanbeautifulbeauty of any personbeauty spot
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