fine meaning in telugu

Word: fine
 Meaning of fine in english - excellent, masterly, cloudless, sunny, dainty, delicate, sheer, discriminating, exact, penalty in money, penalize in monetary way

Meanings in telugu :

sookshmamu ( సూక్ష్మము )

Identical words :

As noun :
fineness - bedagu ( బెడగు )
fine gold - zaaLuva ( ాళువా )
fine refined gold - aparaanji ( అపరంజి )
finest sort of rice - kalamamu ( కలమము )
fine head of hair - kaishyamu ( కైశ్యము )
fine cloth - vinamu ( వీణము )
finest ofanythingthe noblest of - tallajamu ( తల్లజము )
fine kind of silk cloth - taapit ( తాపిత )
fine powder - tuttumuru ( తుత్తుమురు )
fine rice flour - nechchu ( నెచ్చు )
fine fellow - maasati ( మాసటి )
fine silky grass called - muanjamu ( ముంజము )
finest and hardest particles which resist the pestle - merik ( మెరిక )

Synonyms of fine

beautiful outstanding magnificent elegant subtle refined expensive superior handsome fashionable striking attractive lovely admirable smart exceptional well-made pleasant cool great first-rate rare splendid solid accomplished neat exquisite dandy top capital choice crack aces select mean enjoyable first-class gnarly good-looking ornate showy skillful supreme top-notch unreal wicked first-string five-star gilt-edged not too shabby dry bright clear clarion fair balmy clement rainless undarkened small slender thin little loose light gossamer flimsy lightweight quality minute diaphanous ethereal filmy fragile gauzy impalpable porous powdery transparent granular pulverized powdered threadlike fine-drawn fine-grained fine-spun gossamery pure sharp intelligent obscure sterling acute petty sensitive keen hairsplitting quick nice trifling abstruse critical cryptic distinct enigmatic esoteric fastidious precise recondite strict tasteful tenuous unadulterated hairline unpolluted punishment reparation forfeit amercement rip amends mulct assessment damages levy confiscate extort seize alienate tax dock sequestrate sconce hit with make pay pay through the nose slap with

Antonyms of fine

repulsive unattractive unexceptional unsophisticated insignificant unpopular drab hateful stupid usual unimportant cloudy stormy uncouth homely offensive ugly bad inferior ordinary poor regular crude unfashionable unrefined cheap humble small horrifying disagreeable dull common shabby second-rate dark rainy coarse rough thick awkward undiscriminating unhappy giant huge large consequential fat big heavy serious substantial indefinite unintelligent forthright honest useful ignorant harsh polluted corrupt insensitive obtuse slow blunt imprecise amends award compensation reimbursement reward release give

Related English Telugu Meaning

finenessfinest and hardest particles which resist the pestlefinest ofanythingthe noblest offinest sort of ricefinger ringfingerfingersfinish to make clearfinished to be verifiedfinishedfinishing bitfinishing twistfinishingfire armsfire brandfire lighted either ffire of lovefire pitfire placefire pot
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